Our Team

The staff at Betaprogetti is composed of a team of qualified and competent professionals in the sectors of interest, thanks to an adequate level of training and experience, who work in close collaboration so as to always obtain the maximum efficiency of the designed systems, with minimum cost and minimum energy impact.

The team makes use of the multidisciplinary collaboration of motivated and competent technicians able to provide a wide range of engineering services, ensuring the optimal success of the project as the organization aims to manage all the steps of the intervention starting from the initial inspections and necessary checks on site, followed by a targeted drafting of the documentation for the operational phase and finally the final phase with the achievement of the objectives.

For more information, visit the page dedicated to services and discover the specific areas of intervention in which Betaprogetti is a leader in the sector.

Our Mission

Punctuality, transparency, and impeccable services: this is the final goal of the Betaprogetti technical office. You can contact the studio to request a detailed consultation or a no-obligation quote by filling out the form you find in the Contact section of the website.

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The key management and coordination figures are:

Per. Ind.Federico Bonsignori
Owner and Technical Manager

Per. Ind. Giovanni Lo Chiatto
Electrical designer

Ing. Alice Giardelli
Industrial electronic designer and Instrumentation

Ing. Oleksandr Lisovyy

Specialist in Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics

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